I am grateful to local author & historian Sheila Hardy who has written several books,
the following two with local content.

Tattingstone - A Village and its People

The House on the Hill - The Samford House of Industry, 1764-1930.

If you wish to purchase these books, or have a need for local knowledge
in your research please e-mail Sheila, quoting "Maximilian".



 Western Family Vault Press Vault - to Larger Picture of Vault

Press Map - to Old Map of Tattingstone

Rear Admiral Thomas WESTERN, Knight Commander Royal Portuguese order of Tower & Sword. The Tattingstone Estate was bequeathed to him by his father's first cousin Thomas White in 1808. New information & pictures of Tattingstone Place

Tattingstone Church where many Westerns' are buried

Tattingstone Wonder

Village Hall

 Tattingstone Place - Sold by the Westerns


Tattingstone Wonder, Suffolk

The rather cruel epithet 'Silly Suffolk' which has oppressed the county for years is claimed by Suffolk partisans to be a linguistic corruption of 'Selig Suffolk', Selig being the German for fortunate or blessed. Why the Germans should have chosen this particular word (which also means deceased) to describe an English county is not revealed; the English appellations for places such as Wuttemburg or Baden elude us for the moment. Certainly the blessed inhabitants of the village of Tattingstone were silly enough in 1790 for the local squire, Edward White, to vow to give them something they could really gawp at. 
Thus came the Tattingstone Wonder, one of the most famous follies in Britain. Its fame stems largely from its euphonic name, because it is far from being the only one of its type and indeed there are several follies in Suffolk itself which are more bizarre. Nevertheless the Wonder is a splendid example of a folly. It started life as a pair of cottages, until Squire White decided to enliven the view from Tattingstone Place. He built a third cottage on the end and topped it with a square flint church tower, omitting the southern wall because it wasn't visible from the house. The front of the cottages was replaced by a facade with two gothic windows, and the crowning touch was a large rose window on the south eastern wall. The last time we visited the cottages were uninhabited,* and work is currently in progress to flood the valley between the Wonder and the big house to make the Alton reservoir, thereby adding a touch of landscaping Squire White would surely have approved.
* The cottages have now all been combined to make one agreeable country residence. 
From the original draft of Follies by Gwyn Headley & Wim Meulenkamp, published by Jonathan Cape in 1986 and 1990, now out of print.


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